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 Muscle Banding  Book Now Muscle Banding: An Anti-Aging Treatment at Wholbody Wellness in Boca Raton Florida
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 Muscle Banding  Book Now Muscle Banding: An Anti-Aging Treatment

Muscle Banding

Muscle Banding: An Anti-Aging Treatment for All

It feels good to see your reflection and carry a sense of pride with just how seriously you’ve taken your skincare routine. Your facial muscles are subject to a lot throughout your lifetime, and facial rejuvenation doesn't have to be something you hope for at the wishing well. You may have entertained a series of anti-aging skin treatments in the past, but you haven’t seen this. From helping increase your blood flow to improving your skin function, experiencing a DMK muscle banding treatment will change the course of your journey with skincare forever.


What is DMK Muscle Banding?


DMK muscle banding is a technique that causes muscles to contract, increasing your body’s circulation, listing your amino acid levels, and in doing so, restoring your skin functioning to its optimal state. The enzyme utilized in muscle banding destroys toxins through a reverse osmosis process, giving freshly oxygenated blood a leg up, and helping it flow to every single cell. Muscle banding takes care of everything from sloughing away dead skin cells to nourishing your skin with nutrients that reduce the appearance of timelines.


Who is suited for muscle banding?


Muscle banding is appropriate for anyone interested in maintaining and restoring their skin's ability to heal and protect itself. Even
if you are in your early 20s, muscle banding might be a great option for those with certain skin conditions, or those who are looking to create a more supple, soft-to-touch feel on their skin. It’s an excellent option for those who struggle with fragile skin and a great treatment across the board for anyone looking to age on their own time.


What skin benefits can you expect from muscle banding?


Whether you’re new to the skin treatment game, or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s nice to catalog some treatments for specific skin concerns so that you and your esthetician can create the perfect treatment plan to achieve your skincare goals. Muscle banding can lift your skin, create facial tightening, and even out its tone.


How does muscle banding make skin appear younger?


The truth is that youth is in the eye of the beholder. And even if you still feel as young as you used to, the tired eyes
and sagging lids might tell a different story. 


Aging is a gift. It’s the most natural process that occurs, but it’s also okay to embrace the truth and want to squeeze a little more love into your skin while you’re growing. Muscle banding stimulates collagen production, which acts as a catalyst for elastin production, creating stronger, more resilient, and supple skin that restores its youthful bounce.


A DMK Muscle Banding appointment


So you’ve got yourself a DMK Muscle Banding appointment all set and ready to go. Now what? Let’s give you a few pointers
to head into your session with a little background information to set you up for a successful, stress-free treatment.


How long does a typical session take?


At your muscle banding session, make sure you dress comfortably. If you’re a new client, you may need to arrive about
15 minutes early to complete your client questionnaire. Your skin will be analyzed and assessed by your practitioners.


What’s included in a muscle banding appointment at Wholbody?

With a customized exfoliation specific to your skin type, your pre-treatment solutions will be designed for your exact goals.
Your treatment will finish with products that are aimed at targeting your main skin concerns and revolve around restoring nutrients, amino acids, proteins, and more at the cellular level.


How often should you receive muscle banding?

Muscle banding is an anti-aging program that lasts from 6 to 24 weeks, depending on your skin condition and your goals.
Biweekly treatments are often recommended, but the more treatments that you set up for yourself in a closer timeframe,
the better your results. 

More anti-aging skincare tips:

Anti-aging skin care tips aren’t some big secret attached to a dollar sign. As technology evolves, so does the aesthetics industry.
And by proxy, so do you! Prevention is better than correction. We know we sound like everyone’s mom right now, but it’s better
to be safe than sorry. Skin damage prevention is always a better option than later correction. In fact, depending on how severe
the damages are, you may not have options for correction later on. Taking care of your skin at this moment is an essential part of aging healthily. Keep a daily routine and always use SPF. We know that life is busy, and you may not feel like you have time for
an extra routine right now. But if you take just a few minutes each day to enter your morning with a quick routine that involves applying some SPF before you head out of the house, your future self will be thanking you. The importance of SPF cannot be understated. Without it, there’s a good chance that your skin could end up with serious complications years down the road.
And sometimes, your skin will start showing those signs 20 years before they’re due.


Book your DMK Muscle Banding with Wholbody


The DMK Muscle Banding Treatment creates an opportunity for you to reclaim your skin’s youthful glow, or maintain what you already possess. If you’re ready to dive into preventative skin care practices, head on over to our website to schedule your consultation and protect your skin's natural functioning!

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